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Home » Mold Removal vs. Remediation: What’s the Difference?

Mold Removal vs. Remediation: What’s the Difference?

mold removal vs mold remediation

Mold removal and mold remediation are not the same at all. Mold removal means cleaning out the mold. It does not address the underlying issue that causes mold. In contrast, mold remediation includes everything from cleaning the mold and applying preventative methods so that it does not come back. However, despite the obvious differences, there are also many similarities between them.

What they are exactly:

Mold Removal California generally includes locating the mold and destroying it. It starts with a general Mold Detection. While detecting the mold, the experts pay close attention to mold types and hidden molds. Then they use mold removal products and scrub them off. Lastly, they might use sanitizers to destroy microbes and spores.

Mold remediation starts with the same detection, but it also includes testing, demolition, containment, etc. The main focus is to remove the mold infestation in such a way that it doesn’t come back in a long time.

Which one is better:

Either one is not necessarily better than the others. It is about the circumstances and the right preventive measures. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment. Therefore, no method is 100% guaranteed. However, mold remediation is about controlling the occurrence of mold for a long time. Mold removal just removes it from the house. The main consideration often revolves around the cost. Mold removal is a bit less costly than mold remediation as it requires less effort.

When do you need it:

Usually, if the mold problem is in one specific area, a regular mold removal would suffice most of the time. On the other hand, if the mold problem is quite severe, you need to find the source of the problem and combat it from there. Mold remediation services will involve the use of tests to identify the root causes of mold problems so that those can be treated from the root. The main goal is to drag the mold problem to a level where it’s not harmful. Mold is particularly bad for your house. It can cause very bad allergies and even destroy the structural element of your home.

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What is the process:

Mold removal, as the name sounds, deals with the cleaning part. A mold removal expert will come and locate the mold and then use their equipment to clean it off. In-mold remediation, the expert will follow steps as follows, Mold assessment, containment, clean-up, air cleaning, and Sanitization and cleaning recommendation. Lab tests and humidity tests are also part of the process.

Who does them:

Any good company that is mold removal experts is also mold remediation experts. They usually have all the tools at their disposal to cover both of the services. To find a good removal company in California, you need to look for licenses, certification, and, most importantly, the credentials of the experts. Experience plays a big role in successful mold removal or remediation.

Does it affect my insurance:

Usually, mold remediation is a safer bet for insurance as it shows that you were more responsible regarding your home. Mold removal should only be used when you know for certain that the problem will not come back.

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