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Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC Repair

Q. What are the problems of emergency HVAC repairs in peak winter?

A. During winter, a heated environment in your home and office is much needed for a comfortable living. If your HVAC system collapses all of a sudden in peak winter, it will be very difficult to survive in the cold until the HVAC professional arrives and fixes it up. However, our emergency HVAC service team can reach your place in an hour and fix it up. But it’s always better to opt for HVAC maintenance services during the beginning of summer and winter to avoid inconveniences.

Flood Damage Restoration

Q. Will wet floorboards dry out the flood damage?

A. It will take several weeks to completely dry out the wood flooring. However, our professionals will use the latest tools and techniques to dehumidify your floor until the moisture test shows no water on wood floorboards, walls, ceilings, furniture and fixtures, and other interiors. However, with fans and a simple dehumidifier, it will take time, which increases the risk of mold growth.

Q. Can I clean up and dry out the flood damage myself?

A. In most situations, the flood damage is massive, so restoration and repair by a person or family are not practically possible. Also, only the drying process is not enough to make your home in pre-damaged condition. You need to repair all the leakages, electricity supply points, cracks, prevent mold and mildew growth, check the HVAC system and other electronic appliances, and more, so it’s better to call a professional. EZ Restoration USA offers complete restoration and repair services under one roof. We are here to help you and get your life back on track.

Q. My office is completely damaged after the flood, shall I upgrade or renovate it or just restore it to pre-damaged condition?

A. Usually, the insurance company only pays to get back your office in the previous condition. But if the damage is massive, it’s a good idea to renovate as most of the materials need to be replaced. However, your insurance company will only pay for damage repair, and you have to bear the rest of the cost of upgrading. Consult EZ professionals for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Q. What to do if my office is flooded?

A. First of all, don’t panic and waste time. Stay calm and right away follow the below step to avoid further damage. Every minute wasted will add up the cost to your company, so be quick and proactive in your actions.

  • Switch off the main power and water supply of the building.
  • Keep distance from all the electrical appliances.
  • Restore your furniture, important documents, paintings, stationery, and more before your valuables sustain any water damage.
  • Call EZ Restoration USA to dry your office, repair the water damage, prevent mold and mildew, clean and sanitize your office, and get it in good shape.

Water Damage Repair

Q. Can I take care of the water damage by myself?

A. If the water damage is of black water, we don’t advise DIY restoration. It’s hazardous to your health and may cause skin disease and respiratory issues. Otherwise, if it is pure and gray water, you can clean it up yourself as they are harmless to your health. Before starting a DIY job, switch off the main power and water supply. There is no time to wait, do restoration and repair quickly as, in 24 hours, wet materials may create serious issues like developing molds and mildews.

24/7 Emergency Plumber

Q. Are you available in an emergency?

A. We are here to help and answer your call 24/7. We understand plumbing emergencies are very critical especially when it goes unnoticed for a long time. So, we are always ready with all the equipment to offer emergency plumbing service at affordable prices.

Q. Water coming from the faucet is cloudy and smells like rotten eggs. How to fix it quickly as I have to start the washing machine and dishwasher?

A. There are tiny dirt particles and the presence of sulfur bacteria in your water supply pipelines. The problem can be in the plumbing system or water heater. Call us, and we will fix your plumbing issues on the same day.

Q. At 10 p.m., I notice that the waste is unable to flow swiftly from pipelines. How shall I fix it immediately?

A. The main problem is a clogged drain which is not allowing the waste to drain out swiftly. We understand that it can be nasty if quick action is not taken. However, fixing the clogged drains is not a DIY job, and it can call for an emergency anytime. This is why our 24-hour plumbers are right here to help in cleaning the drain any time.

Q. The pipe in my house is broken and releasing plenty of water. It happens at midnight, how can you help?

A. We understand that broken pipes need immediate attention as they can damage property. This is why our 24-hour plumbers are ready and well-equipped to fix the broken pipes instantly after answering your call.

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