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What Are Symptoms of Mold Growing in Your Property?

Symptoms of Mold Growing

Molds are the results of water damage and high humidity. The problem with mold is that they can grow anywhere and that too within a short time. This is why most of the time, you do not even realize mold problems in your property. However, it becomes hazardous to your health within a few days. So, to counteract, you should know how to identify the symptoms of mold growth.

Molds destroy property severely. It is also bad for your health. Any type of mold can contribute to allergies, lung problems, and even terminal illnesses. Black molds are, especially, dangerous.

There are quite a few mold symptoms that help you detect easily. However, you need a thorough detection or evaluation of your property to locate it accurately. For this, you should always hire mold detection experts. Rely on EZ Restoration USA for mold remediation services like many people all around California.

Let’s have a look at the symptoms of mold, so you can get rid of them as early as possible.

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Symptoms Of Mold Thriving In Your Property

Strange Smells

One of the most common symptoms of molds in your property is a muddy smell. But it does not necessarily have to be muddy. Any kind of odd smell can very well be a case of mold growth. Since molds are fungi, they can grow almost anywhere in your house. Any porous materials, walls, basement, roof, etc., with enough moisture, can lead to mold growth. Molds themselves have a very swampy smell. But the surface of the material it inhabits can also degrade very fast, thus there is a strange smell. Therefore, whenever you can smell such odors, you should contact a professional for detection and mold removal.

Contaminated Carpet

Another common symptom of mold growth is water damage. Carpets or any other porous material are highly susceptible to mold growth. Water damage to carpet remains one of the main reasons for mold growth. However, high moisture can also contribute.

Carpet molds are visible enough, so you do not need to contact emergency mold detection services. But molds on carpet can also mean high risk for your entire property. This is why if you have found mold and mildew on it, we recommend calling professional mold remediation services for a thorough inspection.

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Allergies, Coughing, Or Breathing Problems

Other significant signs include various mold allergies, coughing, or breathing problems, especially if you do not have a history of these. A lot of people do not know they are allergic to mold. So if you are unexpectedly coughing or having a breathing problem, visit your doctor. They will tell you if you have mold allergies. One easy way to tell if the reason is mold or not is to spend a good chunk of time outside of your house to see if the coughing exist

Damage To The Furniture

Your furniture can also have molds on it, especially if your house has experienced flooding or water damage recently. Furniture molds will be grey, black or greenish. Fabric and wooden furniture are highly susceptible to mold growth. You can remove the furniture molds by yourself. It is very easy, and there are a lot of available products. However, if your furniture is expensive, we recommend you hire mold removal specialists.

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Damage In Walls, Tiles, & Roofs

Molds can damage walls, tiles, roofs, or any other structural element of your property. Therefore, if you notice something odd with them, it might be mold growth. One of the problems with molds in walls, floors, and roofs is that they grow out of sight. The hard-to-reach and hidden areas receive very notice until it is too late.

If your walls have molds, they will get discolored. The same applies to walls and ceilings. If it’s not hidden, you can detect it easily. Otherwise, you need to trust your intuition. Some signs of hidden molds include degradation of the structure, discoloration without reason, and wet spots on the surface. Your walls might be peeling as well. All of these means you need to hire professional services for Mold removal at your home; so you can safeguard your health and property.


This is a strange one, but molds can cause fatigue. Toxic molds can affect different people very differently. You do not need to exhibit visible health problems like allergies or coughing while it affects your lungs. This is a very well-documented phenomenon. Molds limit the ability of your lungs, resulting in a lesser supply of oxygen. Weakened immune responses to mold are likely to be the reason for this. So, if you feel tired all the time, molds can be a reason behind that.

By reading the symptoms thoroughly, you can detect mold symptoms by yourself. But most homes do not have all the tools to detect hidden molds in hard-to-reach areas. This is why if the mold symptoms are present, you should call experts for proper detection. Mold removal and detection experts inspect your entire property for both visible and hidden molds.

One of the best ways to prevent mold from high humidity is to install a dehumidifier. But if you do not want to buy a dehumidifier, you can hire mold remediation services. They will have dehumidifiers. Other than that, you can regularly sanitize your property as a precaution.

EZ Restoration USA has mold removal specialists available 24/7. If you doubt a possible mold problem, call us anytime you want for detection and removal. We have all the necessary tools, products, and techniques to remove and prevent any future mold growth.

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