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Home » Why Is DIY Mold Removal Not Safe?

Why Is DIY Mold Removal Not Safe?

Why Is DIY Mold Removal Not Safe

Many people try mold removal with their expertise. It is understandable because mold remediation services can sometimes be costly. But despite that, you should not be too eager to take things in your hand for several unseen reasons. Because of youtube and the advent of superior technology, DIY has become a new thing.

Thanks to the browser helping in easy access to any information, any inexperienced person can do many works that previously were limited to some professionals only. If you have found yourself reading this article possibility is that you may have searched for DIY mold removal on internet.

But even if all the information is available on the browser, can we depend upon it when we fall ill? The answer is no; we need a doctor when we are not good. Similarly, mold is a kind of fungus that affects our walls and makes them black, and in the long run, it affects the well-being of homes and homeowners.

However, mold detection can be an easy task. The typical household mold seen on the upper side of the wall can be a dreadful sight in a beautiful home. And contrary to common misconception, fungi can grow even if you are not living in a damp environment. Sunlight can protect any bacteria, but common molds can be seen in any part of the country.

So, you cannot predict and take precautions, and when it happens, your living room and bedroom will not be a great place. That’s the effect you will feel. But why you should not be too eager to work on mold removal. No beating around the bush; let’s know why DIY mold removal is not a great decision and why you should hire a mold removal specialist Los Angeles.

Malefic Effects Of DIY Mold Removal

Making The Problem Worse

The mold spores quickly spread in the air. If you are less careful, you may end up circulating the internal air of the home, which will make the problem worse and make the living space not worthy of staying. When the invisible spores spread, they can ruin your possessions also.

And in no time, your entire house can be full of spores. You will be bound to call a mold removal service, and because of the blunder made earlier, the ultimate cost will rise significantly. Not only that, even for professionals, the process will be very tedious.

Mold Removal Is Significant Work

Yes, mold remediation is not easy, and there is no other way to put it. You need to figure out what equipment you need and how to use them like masks, dehumidifiers, chemicals, etc. Then you have to buy it and use it according to what you saw in a youtube video. You may think of it as an evening’s work that may be an entire weekend’s work. And who knows, it may go up to several days depending upon your efficiency.

Health Effects Of Mold Removal

When mold removal specialists work, they keep in mind that the spores should not be spread more than what it already is. However, even if it spreads, you can clean the air in case spores spread in the air. This kind of efficacy you cannot expect in DIY mold removal. Instead, there is a possibility of potentially spreading more growth of the fungi and breathing it constantly. These spores have different health effects, and on any patient with asthma, the effect can be severe. You can also suffer from fatigue, fungal infection, and severe headaches.

Missing Spot

Mold spores are not often invisible to the eye. In addition to this, they can be hidden in places where you don’t know and even think of, like an air vent or chimney. You may clean the visible ones which are notably visible. But after a few days, it will return to wasting your previous work.

Apart from that, it is said in many DIY mold removal videos that borax or vinegar can be used for chemical removal, but in reality, these products will not work for deep cleansing of the spores, and in no time, they will form mold colonies. When you hire, they use professional industry-grade chemicals to ensure mold will not come back for years. If you are already burning money for it, why not spend a few bucks more for efficient mold removal.

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Using The Wrong Equipment

The mold removal work needs high-end products to handle toxic mold spores. You also need protective gear from imminent danger that may happen when handling. If you are not using this equipment, then you are in trouble. Above all, every mold removal specialist knows how to handle the situation. Also, the client’s health is kept in priority.

Testing Of Indoor Air Quality

When mold removal work is done, some particles may be present in the air. These can be present in small corners where you can’t see easily. Also, mold can give rise to severe allergens and pollutants, which can only be seen when tested. You can’t know these little secrets of cleaning. Any mold removal specialist will test the air with their professional equipment and use specialized suction equipment for your air quality problem.

Lack Of Professional Expertise

Mold removal work is complicated work that needs professional expertise. And just like any professional work, it is done in several stages. Cleaning is a part of that. Mold removal services include this service. If you cannot decontaminate the place properly after the process, then the mold process will start again.

Missing On Other Problems

You cannot identify why the mold problem happened in your house in the first place. It may occur because of internal pipe leakage or a sewage problem, which can only be known when hiring a mold removal specialist.

Failing To Know The Underlying Cause

Not only sewage, but you may also stumble upon other problems because of taking every solution in your hand. You don’t know why this problem happened. Maybe it is being spread by the HVAC system or an unknown moisture overdose in the environment. Hiring a professional mold remediation specialist Los Angeles will be wise to do then.


Apart from the first thoughts of disgust and worry, when you see a mold, there should be another thought of calling mold removal services immediately. DIY mold removal is not a good option until a severe cash crunch occurs.

As discussed in the article, the job, though it looks easy, is not easy. Apart from expertise, it also needs patience. You, as a homeowner, have already invested a lot for a good stay at your house. Don’t let the mold damage your aesthetics.

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