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What to Do When Your Basement Floods?

What to Do When Your Basement Floods

Sometimes most the owners face the unpleasant situation of a flooded basement. Cleaning out the flooded basement is the biggest challenging task. Excessive water can damage your household stuff and even cause serious injuries. Climate changes are becoming harsh nowadays. So, here in this content, we are going to share what to do when your basement floods and how to hire flood damage repair professionals.

Hire a certified flood damage repair expert for your space. It is always ideal to ask for help from someone who understands better than you to mitigate the issues! Flooding damages the drywall, foundation, carpet, hardwood floor, furnishings, etc. We give you some detailed steps to save your property and other belongings.

11 Steps To Perform When Your Basement Floods:

Turn Off The Electricity

When you see the basement is flooded, the initial step you should take is to turn off all the electricity. When you turn on the electricity, water can conduct electrical currents. To avoid this risk, it would be good to turn off the power before stepping into the affected areas of the home. Never enter a flooded area without turning off the electricity. Along with that, shut down the gas appliances and other accessories like hot water tanks and gas dryers.

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Determine The Source

Before recovering the situation, first, you need to understand the source of the water leak. Flooding is caused by clogged septic systems, leaky plumbing systems, broken pipes fixtures, etc. So, initially, try to understand what causes floods in the basement. To locate the point from which the water is entering, you need to ask for help from the flood damage repair expert.

Try To Overcome It

Once you check out the water source, the next step you should move with is trying to recover from this by yourself. If you feel that you can handle the situation in the initial stage, then go for it before the flood damage repair experts reach you.

Take Some Pictures For Insurance Companies

If you have successfully handled the situation initially, you should click some pictures and send this to the insurance companies. Click the pictures of the affected areas. These visual records play an important role in claiming insurance against the damage to your belongings. Click the current condition and the areas which got damaged.

Drain The Water Out

Once you find out the source of the flooding, you should stop or shut down that source and drain out the water. Try to drain the water from mops and buckets initially until the emergency response restoration team doesn’t reach you!

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Remove Damaged Items

All the damaged items are initially due to flooding; remove them initially. The belongings like couches, chairs, and furniture need to be moved and dry out soon. If you miss this step, the growing mold will be higher. So, let them outside under the sun dry out quickly. Before that, consider which items you should throw out and which to keep.

Dispose Of The carpet And Tiles

The flooring of the area or the basement that was flooded needs to be inspected well by the experts. Whether you have carpets or tiles, or hardwood flooring, extensive water damage can worsen the property. Throw out the carpets and clean the floors before it gets stained. Both the carpets and the hardwood floors can absorb the moisture quickly and become the reason for mold and mildew.

Use The Dehumidifiers

When you hire the experts, they will come to you holding all the required equipment. The experts have high-quality tools that keep you safe for a long time. They have certain tools like dehumidifiers and set up fans which reduce the chances of mold. The main goal of the flood damage restoration expert is to dry the floors, walls, and any objects left in the basement. The best way you can do from your side before the experts reach you is to open any windows and then set up one or more fans. In this way, you can improve the air circulation in the area. If you have more than one dehumidifier, it will pull moisture from the air and collect it in a bucket. You need to empty that bucket every 4 to 6 hours.

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Wash Out The Floors:

You should clean the floors and carpets in the next step. When the basement is completely dry, you will get a foul and musty smell. Use a disinfecting cleaner to keep your floors and walls clean. You should use the residual dirt and grime to kill the bacteria and fungi that might be present on the floors. The flood restoration experts have the best quality substances that help remove the smell and turn the place into a better condition.

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Treat The Surface With An Anti-mold Spray

After cleaning the whole surface with the disinfectants, don’t forget to spray the sanitization. Even after cleaning the floors, the mold and mildew can still grow. To prevent mold growth in the basement, you need to spray the anti-mold substance and sanitize the place. Kill them before the mold causes health risks and makes the situation vulnerable!

Make Efforts For The Future

After covering all the above steps and doing with your current situation, you should think about the future. Do you want to be stuck in the same situation as before? When you have cleaned up the mess, you should ask your flood restoration experts to suggest the preventions for the future. Make necessary repairs from emergency flood restoration after inspecting the main problem.

By following the above steps, you can get rid of the frustrating flooding situation in your space. The experts in flood damage restoration come to your space to inspect and advise on the next steps. Hiring an expert for this situation is always appreciated. You can’t handle a situation all alone professionally, right? To get better results, hire the nearest flood restoration company.

Extreme bad weather and damaged pipe are always a reason for this situation, so to prevent from this, it is always necessary to hire the right plumbers time to time and get the best results. Suppose you want to bring back your property in its old condition and ask a flood damage restoration expert to come up and clean the floors. With their help, you can mitigate the issues and take the necessary steps to stay safe.

Final Thoughts

A flooded basement brings a lot of contaminants and dust. Hiring the emergency flood restoration near your location would be great if you want to be safe and secure financially and physically. It is always wise to keep yourself safe before the situation worsens, right? So, what are you thinking about? Are you ready to get back your home in the condition before it flooded?

Hire the best flood restoration companies before the situation gets worst and reaches the last stages. EZ Restoration USA team will help you improve your home’s condition by draining out the floodwater, and they have experts who know the strategies to keep the situation underbalanced condition!

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