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The Timeline of Water Damage – Why You Should Act Right Away

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can bring destructive consequences in residential and commercial areas. As per the experts, time heals everything, but if water damage is left untreated, it can invite home-related issues. The space can become excess moist, which can cause discomfort. It is necessary to take strategic and call up an expert who can fix this as soon as possible.

This article has shared various timelines that share how water damage becomes destructive in nature. Excessive water damage can damage the structure. The amount of destruction depends upon how long your property is exposed to water. By being aware of the timeline of water damage, homeowners can understand why hiring water damage repair professionals in San Diego is crucial. In addition, the commercial and residential owners will be motivated to address the water damage sooner by understanding the terms.

A Brief on Water Damage Timeline

Water Damage Within a Minute

In case the hose of your washing machine is broken, there will be water all over the floor within minutes. The water damage in San Diego starts within minutes and spreads all over the room. It deteriorates the paper items quickly and begins getting absorbed by porous materials. In the initial stage, the level of damage is slow and causes minimum destruction.

Because of excessive moisture, the walls, furniture, floors, and the surrounding area started soaking the water, de-laminating and rotting them, causing heavy loss to valuable items. You can also lose important paper if any of them fall down accidentally.

Water Damage Within Hours

Within 24 hours of water damage repair professionals in San Diego, the carpets and upholstery of your room will absorb the water and make it heavy. If you leave the water for 24 hours, the carpet will be destroyed and smell very bad.

If you leave this unaddressed the right steps, the kitchen walls will slowly absorb the water and make your kitchen smell musty and damp. Within 24 hours, the water reaches your cabinets and the furniture’s legs. Due to high moisture content, the wooden doors and windows also swell and destroy them. Metal objects are also affected by water damage and start to tarnish. You will not believe it, but the growth in mold begins that cause major health issues.

Water Damage Within a week

Imagine a situation when you come home after a long trip and find water damage at home. This is the most frustrating and confusing situation. Sometimes the pipe of your water system burst in your absence, which triggers the mold to colonize in the moist areas and gradually spread.

The wood’s material will start bending and rotting. Things like carpets, rugs, furniture, and other textile goods start deteriorating. If you leave the water in the same condition within the week, the microorganism will grow and becomes a threat to you. It can leave your home a complete mess and negatively impact your life.

Water Damage Beyond a Week

If you leave the water damage in San Diego beyond a week without implementing the right strategies, the cost of restoration and water damage repair will increase. In this case, the water damage can be devastating and needs to be restored immediately. After 48 hours of water damage, the level of water contamination increases. Water contamination is a huge concern, and it should be treated well with proper care.

After being exposed for so long, the water will damage your home’s structure, indirectly reducing the value. Water damage causes swelling in woods, rusting in steel, and delaminating materials like plywood. The mold growth and other harmful bacteria create major risks to the structure’s integrity. In addition, it produces threats to the surrounding areas. The cracked walls and ceilings will damage gradually and would need rebuilding. If you don’t want to invest your money in rebuilding, contact the experts for water damage restoration in San Diego.

How Can You Get Over This?

The water damage repair always requires immediate attention. As a homeowner, you need to address the risks and mitigate them by making the right decision. When excessive water damage occurs in your space, you don’t understand where you should start cleaning. So, take a deep breath and build up yourself because it’s time to take immediate action before the water damage experts reach your home. Here in the below section, we have mentioned a few effective tips that will keep you and your property safe for the initial time.

Effective Action You Should Take While Dealing With Water Heater Damage

Turn Off The Electricity

We all know that water is a good conductor of electricity. Before stepping into the affected area, you need to consider your safety first. Turn off your home’s electricity and replace the electrical equipment away from the affected space. Unplug all the electronics to ensure that you are safe from any electric shock.

Stop The Water Source

In the next step, visit every corner of your home to find out from where the water is entering or flowing. Try to stop and minimize the water flow. The main water valve is found in the basement of your home. If the damage is caused because of the overflowing faucet, you can turn it off, but if it comes from the damaged and broken pipe, you must stop the water flow and call a water damage restoration professional in San Diego.

Clean The Areas You Can

You should clean the areas where you can reach. Clean and dry out the small areas affected by the water damage. You should replace the stuff and change the carpets and pads, linoleum, wood floors, drywall, etc. Remove all the furniture and movable stuff from your homes. To remove the water, you can use a vacuum.

Take The Pictures

After all, take the pictures of the damaged pipe of the water system/ electrical appliance and send this to the water damage service provider company. Along with that, send this to your insurance expert and claim your insurance. The faster you complete these processes, the sooner you get over the situation.

Keep Your Paper and Documents Safe

Water will easily ruin the papers. Before the water damage repair, you should bring all the papers and keep them in a safe place.

Water damage should be solved immediately after undertaking the steps to dry out. Taking immediate action is necessary when you deal with the water damage. Water damage repair services in San Diego can reduce the risk of additional damages. If you desire a peaceful life, hiring water damage experts is ideal. You can measure the damage and take preventive measures to stay safe by hiring them.

How Hiring a Water Damage Expert is an Ideal Choice

You should notice water damage in the initial condition. Also, you need to call the professional water damage restoration services in San Diego as soon as you notice odors that intensify due to moisture and water leakage. When the water damage happens, it starts giving an unpleasant smell to your home within an hour and affects your way of living and health.

Due to the severe humidity level, moist areas like basements and crawl spaces have penetrated. Therefore, if you do not address the water damage on a timely basis, it can bring many consequences. Apart from that, the water damage goes unnoticed for a long time, further leading to health concerns like diarrhea and typhoid. It can also cause skin infections like rashes and allergies.

The first response of the homeowners in the case of water damage is making a call to a water damage repair professional in San Diego. When you hire a professional water damage expert, they reach your home and inspect the condition of your home. Then, they suggest replacing and removing the stuff that can easily damage through the water overflow. The water damage restoration experts in San Diego take necessary prevention to preserve the furniture and other stuff to keep you safe from pre-disaster conditions.

Once the initial process is done, the professional begins the water mitigation process. By using advanced water extraction equipment, they will help to deliver you the place to live. In addition, the water damage restoration services in San Diego will bring air movers and dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying process. With them, you can reduce the chances of water damage and control the spread.


Water damage can have varying effects, which depend upon the timeline. The water damage affects your home structure and damages your physical and mental peace.

The mold growth negatively impacts your lungs, and in severe cases, it can cause breathing issues. If anyone wants to start from scratch to get back their home in the right condition, the water damage restoration experts will be there for you. Consult with the right company, make preventive strategies, and implement them to ensure minimal loss.

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