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Home » How to Prevent Water from Damaging Your Home Foundation?

How to Prevent Water from Damaging Your Home Foundation?

Water Damage Prevention

As a homeowner, you always want to invest in a home that should last long. Ultimately it should have a solid foundation and be strong. If your home’s foundation is weak, it can be ruined and only be repaired by a water damage restoration company Los Angeles. Even the biggest and brightest interior buildings have fallen apart because of their weak foundations. If you compromise to maintain your home’s foundation, the house may crumble and fall, right? Everyone thinks that repairs will cause a lot of hassle and inconveniences, but you will later understand that these are necessary to maintain your home’s foundation.

The damage in home’s foundation is due to various factors, and water damage is one of the reasons. When water collects all around the home, the saturated soil around the foundation expands and shifts, weakening your home’s foundation and structure. When the water is standing in the house, the foundation walls increase, resulting in cracks and leaks; apart from that, it drives the house’s electrical hazards, mold growth, and structural damage.

Your house can stand in any condition when the foundation is strong. To maintain it for life long, you need to protect it from the water and mold. If you neglect the situation, it might cause the biggest issues and increase the repair expenses. By considering these conditions in this article, we will share the tips and make you aware of how to get rid of the water damage that causes damaged home foundations. By following the below statements by water damage repair services, you can stay calm.

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Steps To Prevent Water Damage:

The Foundation Should Be Visible:

When it comes to a visible foundation, it may not look good on the exterior of your home. You should always have a difference between your house’s exterior materials and the ground. For the wood exteriors, it will rise to eight inches. However, if the soil, cement, and other materials are high, the foundation can easily absorb the moisture.

Clear The Gutters Regularly:

Sometimes, the drainage inside the house gets jammed with dust elements. The clogged water brings flood-like situations when it enters your house. If you don’t want to welcome risky health conditions, it would be good to clean them regularly. When this water gets clogged inside the house for a long time, the foundation absorbs the moisture and weakens over time. This is why it is always required to clean the drains at least two times a year.

The Length Of The Downspouts:

If the downspouts doesn’t allow the water to move properly, then it can drive the water damage because of rain water. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the gutters inside/outside the home. So, hire water damage repair experts for your home.

Check The Landscape Slope:

Whenever you design a landscape, make sure it is in the form of a gentle slope that is away from home. As per the general guidelines, you should design the landscape in a way that it should be at least 6 inches. Along with that, during the summer season, you should water the foundation. When the location near your house is stuck with excessive water, the ground under the home will expand so quickly.

Ask The Experts To Add A Sump Pump:

No doubt it is tough to keep your foundation away from the water. You can try to add a sump pump to your home. Installing a sump pump in the basement would give the outcome and allow you to prevent the risks and make them safe from water damage.

By installing the sump pump, you can quickly remove the water from the basement. A sump pump helps take care of the groundwater, making a way to reach your home. Using this, you can prevent broken pipes, flood disasters, etc. Call water damage restoration companies and ask them to reach you soon.

Bad Soil:

Sometimes, the bad soil can be the cause of water damage and drive the chances of poor drainage. To overcome this, you need to apply new soil and quality materials so that the water can absorb the ground. The quality soils always allow the plants to absorb the water. There are other ways to get over this situation: digging ground channels, applying the drainage pipes, and adding the paths.

Apply Sealants In The Basement:

Applying the sealants in the basement is another way to keep the moisture balanced. A sealant is beneficial for reducing mold growth. Along with that, you can apply the waterproof coating also, which is considered an affordable solution.

Hiring a professional emergency water damage restoration service Los Angeles will help you save time. When you hire a trained expert for your space, they will mitigate the issues faster and suggest you the best possible solution. A trained expert will help you to achieve what you desire. By hiring a professional water-damaged restoration company, you can keep yourself safe. With them you can calm down the situation.

In the initial step, you must drain excess water from your property. Good drainage can improve homes and prevent water damage. To make your foundation strong, you need to nurture your garden, fix the soil, and seal the basement. Standing water always damages or weakens your property.

If you want to overcome the excessive water damage situation, you can follow all the steps as mentioned earlier. There are various water draining options, which you can try to recover the situation. For better experience, hire water damage repair services.

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How To Protect Your Foundation From Water Damage?

Do you know how to protect the foundation from water damage? If you want to know how to protect the foundation, it will be better to hire an expert. You can get over this situation by checking the drains, improving the garden, and sealing the basement in the initial stage.

Along with that, the professional also asks to use the sump pump. Try to reduce the moisture and drain the water from your home. If you notice any signs of water damage in your space, you should first call an expert water damage repair service. Contact a water restoration expert Los Angeles and ask them to suggest the best repair strategies.


If you experience mold in your space, this ultimately signifies something fishy in your surroundings. An emergency water damage repair expert knows to tackle mold conditions. They come to your space with a dehumidifier and mitigate the moisture and mold. Ask them to give an annual maintenance plan. By choosing an annual plan, you can spot the problems easily in the low amounts. Does anyone want to know more about emergency water damage repair services? Visit EZ Restoration USA and ask them for suggestions and guidance to get over a situation. They have experts who give better solutions!

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