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Home » Why Mold is Risky for Health and How to Remove Mold Completely?

Why Mold is Risky for Health and How to Remove Mold Completely?

How to Remove Mold Completely

After a flood strikes you, you want to get your life back to normal. However, facing mold growth after 24-48 hrs is a bigger challenge.

Molds are very dangerous for your property and your health. But the problem is most of the mold growth remains hidden for a long time until it becomes a big problem. That is why, if you own a property, you should know what causes them and how to get rid of them.

Most cases of mold happens inside a flooded room. Flooded rooms are very prone to mold growth because it has the most mold-friendly atmosphere. Mold can grow anywhere with enough moisture and water. The flooded rooms are, therefore, perfect. If your property is currently flooded, you can call a company with expertise for thorough mold remediation San Diego. In this article, we will discuss how you can get rid of mold in a flooded room.

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Why Mold Growth Is Bad For You & Your Family?

Mold damage the structure of your property. If it persists long enough, it can start degrading the structural elements of your property. Other than that, mold growth also causes health issues among many people. Mold can also be life-threatening in certain circumstances.

Having mold in your property degrades its value. The real-estate inspector will always value your property less if it has a mold problem. So you can see if your property has a mold problem, it is very bad for your safety, health, and operational budget.

Excellent Ways To Detect The Mold

It is the very first part of getting rid of the mold. If your property has recently had a flood case, it is ripe for mold growth. So beware of certain signs such as:

  • Wet, damp, and rusty smell
  • Ho spots around the floor
  • Degradation of floors, roofs, and walls
  • Extra humidity in the atmosphere
  • Allergies and runny nose.
  • Water damage in your property

If your property has one or all of these signs the chances of mold growth are high. You can call mold remediation services for inspection. They will have all the equipment and tools to find out where exactly the problem starts and to what extent it has gone.

There are many types of molds, but the most dangerous amongst them is black mold. If there is a very bad case of black mold, you should immediately leave your property. To remove black mold, you need proper safety equipment and chemicals.

To identify whether it is a black mold or not, you can call our experts for mold inspection. We will use the latest technique to find out the mold type and get rid of them permanently.

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Complete Removal Of Mold Growth

Once you have identified the mold type, you can now move to the removal part. You can achieve this in two ways. You can either use chemicals or manual methods, such as brush and mop & bucket. The method will largely depend on the type of mold and the extent of it.

If the mold spread is small enough, you can remove the mold by yourself. But in most cases, if there are visible molds, there might also be hidden molds in hard-to-reach areas. This is why we always recommend hiring companies with the right knowledge of mold removal in the home.

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For chemicals, many brands are currently available in the market. You can buy them directly or make your solution. To make a mold removal solution at home, you can use an ethanol-water solution. Simply dilute the ethanol with a percentage over 70% to destroy the mold. You can also use a vinegar-water solution. Hydrogen-peroxide-water solutions work as well. Although, we recommend the store-bought brands for black mold in particular and all mold in general. It is because store-bought chemicals are designed in a way to protect your furniture, clothes, and other items. However, we cannot say for sure how your belongings will react with a DIY mold concoction.

EZ Restoration USA can be your mold removal specialist. We have tons of experience and pedigree with the right equipment. So, we can get rid of mold in the right eco-friendly way.

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Prevention Of The Mold

After the removal, you should focus on prevention. If the mold comes back in the future, there is no point in removing it in the first place. To prevent mold, you need to ensure that your home humidity level is not more than 50%. You will also have to replace the damaged items or pipes to prevent further water damage.

Mold remediation experts will have dehumidifiers to remove extra humidity from the atmosphere. You can also install dehumidifiers in hard-to-reach areas, such as crawl space or attic.

Every 3 months or so, you can disinfect your property to minimize the chances of mold. Although, whenever you disinfect, ask for environment-friendly and EPA-approved chemicals. We offer a maintenance service that will inspect, remove, and prevent any mold growth.


Mold can grow rapidly in a flooded room. That is why if you have suffered from a recent flood, you should hire a mold inspection crew and thoroughly inspect your property. They will dry your home completely and rebuild as well as replace the damaged items to bring your property back to normal.

EZ Restoration USA can become your mold remediation experts. We have eco-friendly methods to remove the mold in its entirety. We will also apply prevention methods to keep the mold away from your property. Call us to know more about our services.

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